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The new EU cybersecurity rules that devices will have to comply with

Providers of internet-connected technology, from Apple software to baby monitors, will have to comply with new cybersecurity requirements in the European Union, or else face fines and product recalls.

The new rules of the European Commission, called 'Cyber Resilience Act', have the objective of improving the security of devices against cyber attacks.

The draft notes that "these products may have a low level of cybersecurity", in addition, they provide users with "insufficient" information about their level of protection.

According to the proposals of the European Union (EU), products must comply with various cyber standards to receive an approval mark when sold on the market.

EU countries will be able to investigate any device that does not comply with the regulations, although if they do comply, they may still "present a significant cybersecurity risk".

Fines for violating an essential part of the proposed regulation could reach €15 million or 2.5% of a company's annual worldwide revenue, while less serious breaches could result in fines of €10 million. or 2% of global annual sales.

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