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Cloud-based Disaster recovery as a Service

Veeam Powered DRaaS 
Simple, cost-effective, and practical DRaaS for any customer environment.

How does it work

There is no VPN, no separate console, and cloud hosts work the same as other replication destinations.
Your customers can have this service on demand, without having to maintain the costs of a second site.

Accelerated Onboarding

All you need is a single port. Veeam Cloud Connect encapsulates and encrypts all network traffic, for management, replication and even communication between VMs, to securely transmit data over the port using SSL/TLS.

Does not depend on a third party

You don't need to purchase, learn, or maintain additional technology—for orchestration, network expansion, WAN acceleration, etc.—because it's all available right out of the box. Multi-tenancy capability is already built in, so you can safely host multiple clients on the same hardware, with complete isolation between them

Large coverage

Because Veeam does the replication at the hypervisor layer, you can offer DRaaS to any customer in your target market regardless of the storage, applications and operating systems they use, now and in the future. Support for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V further expands the market you can target.

Simply “Add Service Provider” from the Veeam console and enter the credentials that we will provide you.

Fast and flexible failover of specific VMs or the entire site.
Simplified failback with no data loss and minimal disruption to users.
Recovery Assurance, including support for testing replicas and failover, and switching production between sites.
Seamless integration with Veeam user interfaces, workflows, and data collection.

Veeampro DRaaS
with Veeam


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