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What are the 'passkeys ’?, The Google system to log in without introducing the password

Cybersecurity experts do not stop recommending users to use different passwords for access to their accounts and that these are difficult to guess. Remembering all can be complicated for many, but Google has found the solution: that they are not necessary to log in.

Instead of having to introduce a fixed password, the company proposes to use private keys or passkeys that use facial and fingerprint recognition systems. This safer option has been available since October 14 in Chrome and Android for users registered in the beta version of Google Play Services and use Chrome Canary.

According to Google, this change to access keys is "significantly safer than passwords and other authentication factors": "They cannot be reused, they do not filter into server infractions and protect users from phishing attacks."

This service will have similar functions to password that Google accounts have allowed for years. Now, users can confirm that they are using their mobile phone, without having to introduce their credentials.

Two steps are only necessary to create the access key: Confirm the account information and enter the fingerprint, face or screen block when requested when logging somewhere.

Over the next months, the tool will be officially available and not only for beta users. Therefore, Google joins Apple that has also implemented a similar technology in iOS 16.

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