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The data of millions of users is leaked through Telegram for using free VPNs

Many users opt for a VPN when browsing the internet, since it is a much more secure tool, since the browsing data is hidden from the web pages that have been visited.

This type of virtual private network "falsifies" our original IP address so that it seems that we are anywhere in the world, that is, a local network is created without the user being physically in a space.

21 million users of these free VPNs have seen their data leaked for having used this type of private address. The leak has occurred through the telegram messaging application. Many users who wanted to browse more securely have ended up putting their personal information at risk.

To understand how this has happened, you have to go back to 2021, where the data of some users was put up for sale on the DarkWeb.

At that time it was not known who had bought them, but now we know that they are in the public domain and that with this leak, anyone who has access to Telegram can access some data such as email addresses, usernames, names of countries or billing information.

This information belongs to more than twenty million people who have seen their passwords for access to their email accounts leaked and, in addition, the hackers also know the names of the people behind it.

It is very difficult to calculate at the moment the impact that it will cause, although with this data in the hands of hackers, but it is most likely that they will start a phishing campaign to get hold of each person's account and steal their credentials.

Experts recommend that if you have used any of these VPNs, you should proceed to change the password immediately in your email accounts or in any application that you consider important.

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