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The best free antivirus for our devices

Today, our devices are exposed to a large number of malware, adware, and other types of malicious software that can infect our equipment, causing major security problems.

There are many security programs and therefore it can be difficult to choose the best free antivirus for our computer. Sometimes this makes us want to try several in order to compare the functions of each one and choose the one that offers the qualities that interest us the most. This is often a problem, as it costs us less to install things than to uninstall them, and not infrequently you can find more than one antivirus installed on a device and it is not very desirable.

The problem with free antiviruses is that they don't always offer the most complete protection. It's better than none, but free versions often lack some of the advanced layers of protection that you get with paid equivalents. However, that's not to say those features can't be found in free products.

That said, these are some of the best free antiviruses you can find on the market:

Avast: Avast offers basic (and sufficient) protection against unknown threats, plus a password manager. The protection offered by Avast is solid. AV-test results from December 2017 showed that 100% of daily attacks were prevented by Avast, i.e. 100% of malware was detected. Avast antivirus has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to run. Avast will ask you if you want to receive relevant offers, if you accept them, some of your information (never personal information) will be shared.

Kaspersky: This is another renowned antivirus in the world of computer protection that has recently launched its free version for PC. The free version does not come with all the tools of the premium or paid version. However, you will get the main thing: antivirus protection for your files, email and web; automatic software updates, self-defense, quarantine system, etc.

AVG: This antivirus package offers the necessary protection to stop viruses and malware on your computer. AV-Test ensured that AVG was able to detect 100% of threats, according to the December report. The performance of the software also got good marks. The free version of AVG antivirus will warn you of unsafe links and will block harmful email attachments.

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