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The alternative to Google that does not stop breaking records

Privacy when browsing is usually taken into account every time anyone enters a page, registers in a forum or does a search on the network. The best proof of this is DuckDuckGo, an alternative to Google that prevents personal data from leaking. In fact, it has broken records again. With these surprising results, they only confirm that privacy is very important.

When we talk about doing an Internet search, Google comes to mind for all of us. It is undoubtedly the most used. But there are many other options and one of them is DuckDuckGo. It was born as a search engine based on privacy and year after year it has been increasing its market share worldwide. But DuckDuckGo's success hasn't been limited to its search engine, since it has a mobile app. In addition, they have recently announced that their browser for Windows and macOS is close to being a reality and is in a closed Beta version. It even has browser extensions. All this always with privacy as the main objective.

In 2021, it broke a new record with 34.6 billion searches performed. It already represents a significant jump compared to 23.6 billion search requests.

There is no doubt that competing with Google for first place is a utopia. In fact, the search giant has a 91.4% share of searches globally, according to Statcounter. But it does have much more accessible second and third places, which are dominated by Bing and Yahoo.

In the first case, Bing today has a market share of 3.14%. Yahoo, which has been falling for years, has 1.53%. DuckDuckGo is still a long way off, as it is in sixth position, behind others like Yandex, with a global market share of 0.66%. He still has a long way to go, but every year he cuts back more than that.

Therefore, it is not at all ruled out that DuckDuckGo, in a short time, will be on the podium of the most used search engines globally. His growth rate makes him, at the very least, able to target him. In addition, the fact that in a short time it will have its browser available for computers is going to make it more popular and many users will also start using the search engine.

In short, DuckDuckGo notably improves its data again and reaffirms itself as one of the best alternatives to Google. At a time when it is increasingly important to preserve personal data and prevent it from leaking into the network, this type of service is undoubtedly going to gain significant weight and more users choose to use alternatives.


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