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Recover deleted files on Windows

It is common to store a large amount of information on our devices and although we have a wide variety of external storage devices, most users tend to occupy most of the storage memory of our devices.

The real problem occurs when we delete any of these files, we have not made a backup copy and we cannot recover it. Fortunately, this information usually leaves a trace and is not completely removed from our devices, so we can try to recover it, using the available tools.

Restore from the recycle bin. When a file is deleted, it goes straight to the recycle bin on our computer. Where, by default, they will remain in the folder for 93 days.

In case you want to recover the information, you only need to right click on the file and restore.

Restore system versions. This option allows you to restore a previous version of a file or folder.

Create restore point. It allows Windows to make restore points from time to time, as a backup.

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