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Keys to protect your company data

With the increasing expansion and sophistication in cyber attacks that is taking place in recent times, companies have become the preferred target for these cyber criminals.

To speak of the protection of company data is to speak of information security and protection of personal data or, as it is now called, we speak of company Cybersecurity and Privacy.

The basic principles to protect data in a company, serve both for a small company, as well as for a medium or large company. If you have a business, you are interested in knowing how to protect your company's data.

Email is one of the most used tools at work and it is also one of the most used by cybercriminals for their attacks. It is not always easy to identify spam with the naked eye and it may contain malware designed to infect the system.

Beware Phishing… If you've ever received a suspicious email with a sense of urgency, poorly worded text and a suspicious link, then you know what we mean. What consequences can they bring us? The consequences that this type of attack can bring us are: extortion, data hijacking, leaks of sensitive information or leaks of production and development information.

The measures to adopt are preventive measures that help protect your company's information, guarantee business continuity in the event of receiving a cyberattack and minimize risks:

A secure infrastructure: It is recommended to have an infrastructure that presents some guarantees of privacy and regulatory compliance to store business data. And they opt for deployment in cloud environments, as they offer high protection and reliability.

Not an update without installing: Keeping third-party software up to date is essential to prevent an old error in the code from being the gateway to your company. With each update you can not only have new features, but also security improvements that will help protect data.

Establish layers of protection and monitor who has access at all times: Knowing who has access to the different company data in real time is essential to monitor and prevent any attack. Any unusual activity may pose a risk to the company's data protection.

Encryption is essential in data protection for companies: If there is a breach, it is at least difficult to know the content. Encryption is essential to guarantee the protection of data in the cloud and correctly managing access keys is necessary for its security.

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