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How to recover a stolen google account?

Almost everyone has experienced theft or scam. We must be careful because even though times change, crime does too. It adapts, becoming much more intelligent and organized when it comes to attacking.

As soon as you become aware that your account has been stolen, you should act quickly by trying to:

1. Access and modify the password.

2. Install double authentication.

3. Modify the secret questions.

4. Configure an email and mobile for possible recoveries.

5. Try to find out how your password was stolen.

6. Clean your devices from possible infections.

How can I recover my account if I don't have access?

There are much more serious cases, where we cannot directly access our Google account. In these more extreme cases, it is necessary to go through a fairly strict questionnaire at this link.

From Google they offer a series of tips to answer these questions. The questions are very strict, to help Google workers who are going to verify your identity, have all the necessary information to verify that it really is you, and not someone else pretending to be you.

Questions related to security passwords and secret questions are highly relevant to Google. It is extremely critical that you look at what you write and review it. Don't put any wrong letters or any uppercase or lowercase characters that don't touch.

If you don't remember correctly, try to answer as best you can, entering an old password (the more recent the better) or what you remember from the last password in the last instance.

After recovering our account, it is important that we review its activity after the time it was compromised. To do this, accessing our Google account, we must access Security and review the activity. It is also essential to access the devices section to verify from which the account was accessed and detect if there is any device that is not ours, to block access.

After reviewing and recovering our account, we can apply some extra measures to protect ourselves and prevent this from happening again.

Two-step verification forces you to use the mobile application to verify that you are who you really say you are. If you do not have access to the mobile app, your access will be blocked. Two-step verification exists for a multitude of platforms. A QR code is used to link the device to an account.

It is vital that you save this code somewhere other than the account and your device, because if you lose your mobile and need another, you will need this QR code to access your account. It is a very safe method, but do not lose the QR or you will have problems.

After regaining access, check bank statements and contact the police. It is important to have a complaint for what may happen and block any unwanted movement ahead of time.

Today from Google you can even make payments, which is why it is important to review these movements.

It is quite common that certain compromised data can be obtained from Google. Modify the accesses of everything and protect your accounts with double authentication.

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