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How do hackers choose their victims?

Given the recent wave of data breaches, it is extremely difficult for organizations to be able to protect every organization from every hack.

Whether running a port scan or cracking default passwords, application vulnerabilities, phishing emails, or ransomware campaigns, each hacker has different reasons for infiltrating our systems.

We can count on the support of security experts to defend ourselves and follow an attack reduction strategy to reduce both the probability and the impact of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

But what characteristics do companies possess that tend to attract cyberattacks, and why do hackers target them?

What motivates a hacker?

When hackers hack, they do so for various reasons. These are the 4 most common motivations behind hacking.


One of the most frequent motivations to enter a system is monetary gain. Many hackers may try to steal your passwords or bank accounts to make money by taking away your hard-earned money.

2.Hack + Activism

Some people look to piracy to start political and social revolutions, although most are interested in expressing their opinions and human rights or raising awareness about certain issues. However, they can attack anyone they want, including terrorist organizations, white supremacist groups, or local government representatives.

3. Internal threats

Insider threats can come from anywhere, but they are considered one of the biggest cybersecurity threats to organizations. Many threats can come from your employees, vendors, contractors, or a partner, making you feel like you're walking on eggshells.

4.Revenge game

If you have a rebellious employee looking for a way to get back at your company, they will most likely take the time to think of a good fit, leaving you thinking twice about firing them.

If they have access to your system, you can be sure that they will try to find any way possible to use your privileged status to get back at you, even after you leave the company.

Hackers can now analyze and evaluate your products as much as security teams. They have the same or even more tools to scan any system, so it's handy to be able to anticipate their motivation and profiles.

With hackers becoming more sophisticated, having proactive cybersecurity mechanisms in place to keep your business healthy is a top priority.

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