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Four objects that can spy on you without you realizing it

Nowadays, more and more household objects have an Internet connection, especially since it is estimated that there are more than 22 million of these devices in the world. Hyper-connectivity in homes offers countless benefits, but it also increases potential points of attack for cybercriminals, so we must be more vigilant and protect everything around us. For this reason, it warns about 4 objects that can be hacked to monitor the occupants of the house with the aim of providing the key to protect yourself from these invisible intruders.

The list of devices that could be used by cybercriminals to spy on home users are:

Televisions: Most of the televisions on the market not only have a built-in Internet connection, but also cameras and microphones to allow the user to make video calls or voice commands, as well as being able to change the channel without having to touch the remote control. It is important to note that these devices can hear or see everything that is said or done in the room they are in, so an innocent looking item can be used to infiltrate our private space. The best way to avoid these risks is to disable or at least control the permissions of these applications. Another possibility is to cover the camera when not in use.

Computer: Laptops and desktops are devices that store countless data, documents and photos of users. In fact, due to remote work, it is now common to also store company data, which is very useful information for cybercriminals. These devices have a microphone and a camera, which are features that, if not turned off, monitor what we say or what third parties can use for financial gain. Covering the camera or controlling microphone permissions are important steps to take. Also, it is necessary to have security tools to analyze the state of programs, applications and documents to detect malicious software on the computer.

Mobile phone: If there is a device that supposedly invades people's privacy, that is the phone. The number of functions that they integrate allows us to know our location or health at any time, through personal data and bank identifiers. We must be careful when downloading applications and check the permissions granted to avoid being tracked. Security tools are also essential.

Toys: Many of the games that boys and girls love today are technology games, such as drones, robots, airplanes, game consoles and more that have an internet connection. However, other traditional products such as stuffed animals or dolls have been updated and include the possibility of downloading mobile applications to access new functions. However, this can pose a privacy risk to young children. In fact, in certain European countries, doll types are prohibited from spying on and extracting sensitive data from minors.

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