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Browse safely with a password generator and a VPN connection

We use the Internet for work, running various programs and procedures, and having fun. We subscribe to various online services, such as Netflix or Spotify. We also use the internet to consult bank accounts and make transfers. Or read mail and social networks.

Whether it is a simple administrative procedure or checking a bank statement, we need a username and password to connect. Ordinary citizens have dozens of accounts with matching passwords, which is a real pain in the ass. It is impossible to remember them all. Solution: We abuse easy-to-remember passwords (dates, consecutive numbers, city names, etc.) and worst of all, we always use the same password.

This is a serious security breach. We risk our money when we access the bank and also expose valuable personal information.

How to manage all your passwords securely

First of all, we recommend using a secure password generator. It is an online and multiplatform service that is valid for browsing on any device and with all browsers.

With just one master password, we have access to all subscription keys and online services. In addition, it is responsible for generating the most complex passwords, those requested by the most demanding websites, and those that require different combinations of characters. The password manager uses strong encryption algorithms to encrypt login information.

All passwords remain safe in a single site that we access with a single master key.

Browse in a VPN environment to protect your privacy

Security problems do not come only from the use of weak passwords. While we browse, we access different websites that leave a computer trace on our equipment in the form of cookies and different types of malware.

The solution to this comes from the hand of a secure VPN service or virtual private network. Thanks to the VPN, we browse safely and anonymously, using an encrypted online environment that prevents us from leaving traces on the network. A VPN also allows you to enjoy streaming services when we are outside our country.

A good VPN is characterized by having multiple servers in different countries all over the world. In this way, the redundancy of the service is guaranteed and that navigation is encrypted at any geographical point.

With a VPN we get:

Avoid phishing and impersonation.

Prevent tracking through cookies for advertising or malicious purposes.

Secure access to online services.

Enjoy streaming services as if we were in another country.

Hide our real IP, which is the unique identifier on the internet. With the VPN we navigate with a simulated IP, which prevents us from being identified.

Cybersecurity depends on having a certain computer culture and not making mistakes. There are tips and tutorials. The problem is that the Internet is becoming more complex every day and so are hacker systems.

Everyone, even an advanced user, needs these two tools for secure browsing: a good password manager and a VPN that allows us to access the Internet as if we were on a private and secure network.

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